Dinosaur Rock!


Inspired by a friend’s young son, who at a very early age knew lots of dinosaur names and facts, This song will really rock your dinosaur topic or could just be sung for fun! The verse of Dinosaur Rock has a limited note range which is ideal for younger voices and the words encourage lots of simple movements. Your children will love the rock feel and it will really get them up and moving as well as singing! Have a ROOAAAAARRRRING time!


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Dinosaur Rock!

Walk like a Brontosaurus,
Fly like a Pterodactyl,
Eat like a Stegosaurus,
Sway like a Diplodocus,
Run like an Allosaurus
Swim like a Spinosaurus
Jump like an Oviraptor
Like a mad T-Rex!

(sing verse twice)

Dance like a dinosaur,
(sing four times)

Repeat verse and last line

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