Keep Calm and Carry On


A thrilling march that really displays the British spirit and ‘Stiff upper lip’ everyone had during the Second World War! It uses the well known phrase, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ for its chorus, and the verses will help your children to empathise with the people who had to face a lot of challenges during this very difficult time, while trying to carry on as usual. There is plenty of scope for marching movements and actions and the stirring accompaniment will spur your children on to deliver a determined performance!

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  3. audio file of piano accompaniment in mp3 format
  4. song words in PDF format
  5. sheet music in PDF format
  6. PowerPoint of words

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Keep Calm and Carry On!


Keep calm and carry on!
You’ve got to keep calm and carry on!
Yes, try to keep calm and carry on!
Keep calm and carry on! (repeat)

When you’re tired and sleepy
And curled up in your bed,
You hear the air raid siren
It’s filling you with dread!
When your clothes have holes and
They’re not the latest trend,
You hear your mother saying,
“We’ll all make do and mend!” Oh!


When your Dad’s a soldier
With orders to obey,
It’s time to bid him, “Farewell”,
As he is sent away!
When your stomach’s aching
And food’s in short supply,
When all your sweets are rationed
And you just wonder why! Oh!


(last line)
Keep calm, we’ve got to, yes by Jove!
Keep calm and carry on!

© A M Dilkes 2017