We Are Pirates!


Shiver me timbers! A lively, catchy song for your Pirate Day or topic with a simple easy to learn four note chorus that hints at a certain pirate film and a drunken sailor! The song can be used in several ways – singing it in its entirety with the backing track, singing the chorus only with the pirate filling in the verses in the audio track or if you have some pirate teachers, they could sing the verses and children the choruses! Sing it or walk the plank – Arr!

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  1. audio file of backing track in mp3 format
  2. audio file of backing track with the verses sung by a pirate in mp3 format
  3. audio file of sheet music piano part in mp3 format
  4. audio file of song with  all vocals in mp3 format
  5. song words in PDF format
  6. sheet music in PDF format
  7. PowerPoint screen of song words

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We Are Pirates!

Verse 1
We are pirates on the seas,
Raiding any ship with ease,
Aye aye captain if you please,
So weigh the anchor mateys!

With a yo ho ho! Yo ho ho!
Yo ho ho! Yo ho ho!
With a yo ho ho! Yo ho ho!
We are pirates yo ho ho!

Verse 2
We are pirates yes it’s true,
On this ship a motley crew,
Search for gold that’s what we do,
So raise the Jolly Roger!


Verse 3
We are pirates we heave ho!
With our compass off we go,
Shake our cutlass to and fro,
We’ll make you walk the plank! Arr!


Verse 4
We are pirates be impressed!
Shiver me timbers we’re the best,
Give us your jewels and don’t protest!
We’ll sing an old sea shanty!


Verse 5
We are pirates be afraid!
Dig for treasure with a spade,
Drinking rum when we get paid,
We’ll shout, “Ahoy me Hearties!”

Chorus twice

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