When You’re A Kid In WW2


This song packs loads of short snippets of historical information into its Glenn Miller inspired feel that will inspire your children to carry out their own research! The Big Band instrumental gives all sorts of possibilities for some great dance moves!

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When You’re A Kid In WW2

No lights in the streets,
Two ounces of sweets,
Spitfires in the air,
Gas masks to wear,
U-boats in the sea,
Spam fritters for tea,
A battle of wits,
Survive the Blitz.
Churchill on the wireless,
‘Blood, toil, tears and sweat’,
Our country, it needs us
Cos it’s not over yet!
Mums working the land,
Glenn Miller’s Big Band,
Let’s make do and mend,
When will it end?
Dads off to the war,
Who knows what’s in store?
When you’re a kid in World War 2.


Trains wait at the station,
We’re going away,
An evacuation
To a safe place to stay.

Searchlights on the planes,
Sing ‘We’ll Meet Again’,
Hopscotch to be played,
Dambusters raid,
Home Guard by the shore,
Who knows what’s in store?
When you’re a kid in World War 2,
When you’re a kid in World War 2.

© A M Dilkes 2013 primarysongs.co.uk