Phunky Pharaohs!


A catchy, ‘phunky’ song with a humorous look at how the Egyptians turned their Pharaohs into mummies – children will love the detail! The second verse, which has a different melody, has some great Pharaoh names for children to get their teeth into, or it can be used as an instrumental to ‘boogie down inside a pyramid’ with some great dance moves! Have phun!

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  4. song words in PDF format
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  6. PowerPoint screen of song words

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Phunky Pharaohs!

The Egyptians were a clever lot
But they were kind of funny!
When a Pharaoh died they did a trick
‘Cos he had loads of money.
They pulled his brain out through his nose,
Put sawdust in his tummy,
They wrapped him up in bandages
And then they called him Mummy!


Phunky, phunky, phunky, phunky Pharaohs!
Hieroglyphics tell us what they did.
Phunky, phunky, phunky, phunky Pharaohs!
Boogie down inside a pyramid.

The Egyptians were a crazy lot
But not some kind of dummies!
When a Pharaoh died they left his teeth
So he wouldn’t look so gummy.
They put his organs in a jar
Beside some jewels and honey,
He went in a sarcophagus
And then they called him Mummy!


Tutankhamun, Rameses,
They were part of dynasties.
Akhenaten, Takelot,
Rode a golden chariot,
Nefertiti, Osorkon,
Once were great and now they’re gone.
Cleopatra, Ptolemy,
They were Egyptian celebrities!

Chorus twice and last line repeated twice
Boogie down inside a pyramid,
Boogie down inside a pyramid!

© A M Dilkes 2016