We Are Victorians (Easier Version)


This song is Victorian Music Hall meets Steam Fair with its memorable chorus melody and its fairground organ-type introduction! It has a catchy swaying chorus and each of the three verses delves into an important part of the Victorian era. This song is a great way to reinforce many aspects of a Victorian topic and would make a super song for a class assembly. This is an easier version without the slower third verse.

Please note there isn’t a vocal track with this song pack. Instruments play the melody on the backing track.

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We Are Victorians (Easier Version)

Queen at eighteen, she was so young,
Her uncle, William, he had no sons.
Married Albert from Germany,
Added nine children to their family tree.

We are Victorians, loved by historians,
Long gone and one is not amused!
Our Queen Victoria in her regalia
Ruled us for sixty-three glorious years!

Antiseptic and telephones,
The postage stamp and the gramophone,
Great steam ships and the railway train,
These were invented sometime in her reign.


Charlotte Bronté and Dickens too,
Were famous writers that we all knew.
Edward Elgar and Music Hall,
Round the piano we sang one and all.

(Repeat last line)

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