The Water Song


A lovely song with a gentle lilting feel all about the uses of water – yes even flushing the toilet! The verses have a limited range of notes (4 notes) which is ideal for younger children. What makes this song different and special is the fact that the accompaniment has been created from water sound effects! Follow the rhythmic drips and running water but take care not to get too wet!

Please note there isn’t a vocal track with this song pack. Instruments play the melody on the backing track.

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  1. audio file of backing track in mp3 format
  2. audio file of piano accompaniment in mp3 format
  3. song words in PDF format
  4. sheet music in PDF format
  5. PowerPoint of song words

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The Water Song

Water, water, everywhere,
Cook your food or wash your hair.
Boil an egg or have a drink,
Soak your cup in the kitchen sink.


Water, helps us to survive,
We all need water to keep us alive.

Water, water, all around,
In the air or underground.
Take a shower or a bath,
Water plants along the path.


Water, water, every day,
Splash in puddles, jump and play.
Clean your teeth or take a swim
Fill your glass right to the brim.


Water, water, all about,
Wash your clothes and rinse them out.
Clean the car or get wet through,
You can even flush the loo!

Chorus twice

© A M Dilkes 2016