Henry The Eighth


‘Henry the Eighth’ is a cool primary school history song about King Henry the Eighth’s six wives and the order that he married them!

‘Henry the Eighth’ is a cool primary school history song! It mixes Tudor sounds with a modern beat to help your children learn all the names of King Henry the Eighth’s six wives and the order that he married them. In the style of a stately Tudor dance, it’s ideal for adding some dance steps and is great for an assembly or concert performance.


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Henry The Eighth

Henry the Eighth was a powerful king
Who reigned in Tudor times.
Handsome and musical, clever and tall,
He also had six wives!

With a hey and a ho and a nonny, nonny no!
Henry ruled long long ago.

Wife number one was a Spanish princess,
Catherine of Aragon.
She had a daughter but gave him no son,
He decided to move on.


Wife number two she was Anne Boleyn,
He changed the church to wed.
She had a daughter Elizabeth fair
and then she lost her head!


Wife number three gave to Henry a son,
Jane Seymour was her name.
Soon though she died after Edward was born,
It was an awful shame.


Wife number four came from Belgium to Court,
Her painting he had seen.
But in the flesh Anne of Cleves did not please,
She could not stay his queen.


Wife number five she was only nineteen
When Henry she did wed.
Yet Catherine Howard displeased the king
And she too lost her head!


Wife number six Catherine Parr was her name,
And when poor Henry died
Looked after Edward, Elizabeth too
And she became their guide.


Chorus (twice)



© A M Dilkes 2013 primarysongs.co.uk

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