Of course you just have to use electronic sounds to sing about electricity! All the electronically generated sounds and effects in the backing track really make this song feel ‘electric’ – have a listen! Your children will learn all about this amazing source of energy which will support their science work as well as developing their music skills. Great for a class assembly on this topic and it will certainly give your ‘bright sparks’ a real ‘buzz’!

Please note there isn’t a vocal track with this song pack. Instruments play the melody on the backing track.

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Yes it’s a form of energy,
That’s flowing in a circuit round and round.
It’s something that you’ll never see
Unless a bolt of lightning hits the ground!

Power stations everywhere
Use lots of cables in the air,
For sending electricity
To all our homes and factories.
Changing gas and oil or coal
To electricity’s the goal
While solar, wave and wind machines
All help to keep our planet green.


Get a battery add a switch,
Connect the wires without a hitch
To make a circuit let it flow
And you will see a light bulb glow.
Many things we use each day
All need this power in some way
Like fridges, tablets, heaters too,
Your mobile phone, toys and Freeview.

Chorus twice and repeat the last line

© A M Dilkes 2018 www.primarysongs.co.uk