A Simple Nativity Script Version 2


A Simple Nativity script version 2 takes the Nativity story ‘back to basics’ and has 24 narrator parts with either 9 (or 7) super song suggestions.

Forget dressing up as aliens or sprouts! Here is a simple Nativity Script that everyone involved will enjoy. It’s ideal for a class, church or school production – a musical treat for your audience! This script takes the Nativity story ‘back to basics’ and has 24 narrator parts with either 9 (or 7) super song suggestions.


You can choose the songs you wish to include and simply add them to your basket and download instantly to get started. The sheet music and backing tracks will really help to make your performance special! If you wish, you could even have children dressed as the main characters taking a non-speaking part to create additional interest or a tableau – but the choice is yours. The combined cost of the script and songs is probably a lot less than you would pay from other providers. We don’t even charge a performance fee either. So why not have a traditional Christmas Nativity this year!


There are nine songs suggested for this script, specially written for primary children’s voices (but two can be left out if fewer are needed). Each one comes with lyrics in pdf and ppt formats along with sheet music in pdf format and a high quality backing track in mp3 format. All song packs are digital and can be downloaded instantly with no waiting for postal delivery.


Click on the songs to view lyrics and listen to each one.


1) The Greatest Story!
2) You’re Going to Have a Baby! (can leave out)
3) Off to Bethlehem
4) No Room! or Who’s That Knocking?
5) Baby Jesus or We Will Rock You Gently
6) Sleepy Shepherds (can leave out)
7) Superstar!
8) Three Kings Came Riding
9) Celebrate and Sing! or Angels Sing


You can save money and buy the ‘A Simple Nativity Performance Pack’ which includes the script and 12 song packs, or simply buy the individual song packs you need. You have the choice to tailor ‘A Nice Little Nativity’ to your own class or school. Everything is geared to making it as easy as possible for you to create a memorable Christmas Nativity.




  1. a file of the version 2 script in PDF format


Simply add this item to your basket and then proceed to checkout. You can use either a debit/credit card or a PayPal account on the payment platform.
The file will appear in your account ready to download and you’ll have everything you need to get started straight away!


Extract From The Version 2 Script

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