Good For Christmas?


Good for Christmas? is a comical song that’s great for creating some variety in your Christmas concert programme. All children hope that they have been good enough to receive presents on Christmas Day. BUT… all is not what it seems as you find out in the verses! Who did get paint on the door and who dropped that worm inside Granny’s blouse? Have you really been good for Christmas?

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Good For Christmas?

I know I’ve been good for Christmas!
I know I have impressed!
My teddy bear will witness
That I’ve really tried my best!
I know I’ve been good for Santa!
My Mum thinks it’s bizarre!
It’s not like me I grant you
But I’ve been a little star!

Verse 1
It wasn’t me who trailed the mud
Across the neighbour’s floor!
It wasn’t me who tried to paint
A picture on the door!


Verse 2
It wasn’t me who pulled the ear
Off sister’s Mickey Mouse!
It wasn’t me who dropped the worm
Inside poor Granny’s (Nanny’s) blouse!

Final Chorus
Repeat the last two lines at the end


© A M Dilkes 2012