Fy Nghorff (My Body) Easier Version


A catchy, easy to learn song with a rockin’ beat that supports the learning of the parts of the body in Welsh. This song is an easier version which has the body parts without ‘mae gen i’ (I have got) so there are no mutations of the words and this makes it easier for younger children to learn. The song is great for adding actions or simply pointing to the specific parts of the body. Your children will have great fun developing their vocal skills while learning the essential words for this topic.

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Fy Nghorff (My Body) Easier Version

Pen, clustiau,
Head, ears,
Gwallt, llygaid,
Hair, eyes,
Trwyn, bochau,
Nose, cheeks,
Ceg, sgwyddau.
Mouth, shoulders.

Cytgan (Chorus)
Dyma fi!
Here I am!
Rwy’n/Dwi’n hoffi fy ngorff!
I like my body!
Dyma fi!
Here I am!
Rwyn/Dwi’n hoffi fy ngorff ie ie!
I like my body yeah yeah!
O fy mhen i fy mysedd traed!
From my head to my toes!

Llaw, breichiau,
Hand, arms,
Bol, bysedd,
Tummy, fingers,
Cefn, coesau,
Back, legs,
Traed, pen ?l!
Feet, bottom!

Cytgan (x2)
cytgan olaf (last verse)
O fy mhen i fy mysedd…
O fy mhen i fy mysedd…
O fy mhen i fy mysedd traed!

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